Listing Criterias

Recommendations for listing new tokens to cross margin
To get a token listed, please join one of our community channels to begin listing discussions. Note that before an asset can be added to cross margin trading, it needs to meet the following criteria:
For an asset to be listed on Marginswap cross margin trading, it should have at least $10M in either Uniswap or SushiSwap liquidity to ensure that the token’s price is relatively resistant to price manipulation.
Token Distribution
The distribution of tokens among holders is also a crucial factor to be considered before supporting a crypto asset on cross margin. It is important not to list a token that a few wallets or individuals control a good percentage of the total supply because of the inherent risk of price manipulation and the disastrous effect that can have on the protocol.
Active development
For a token to be supported on cross margin trading, the protocol should have an active trading and dev community.
👉These are recommendations to the Marginswap governors to consider before adding a token. We have added some security features at the protocol level to make it more resilient to price manipulation, but these alone are not enough.
Keep watch.